We work with you throughout the year

To ensure complete compliance with all of the practical and technical auditing requirements and rules imposed by national and international professional bodies, TWF has developed and implemented its own methodology and approach to auditing mandates focussing specifically on international and family owned businesses in the small to mid-market.

Our membership of several International professional bodies (e.g. the Californian Board of Accountancy, French and German Institute of Certified Public Accountant) enables us to ensure that you conduct the audit of your French subsidiary in accordance with both local French and international standards. We are particularly focussed on risk management, financial and tax management issues to be communicated to the subsidiary's shareholders, wherever they may be located.

We provide a full range of services throughout the entire year which involve more than merely ticking boxes. We provide more than "plain vanilla" accounting services by "thinking outside of the box". By engaging us, you are receiving not only financial and accounting services (that is a given!), but also business and commercial advice relating to the conduct of your subsidiary's business activities in France as well as Audit & Assurance services (for example, internal control assessment, Due diligence, Sarbanes-Oxley guidance, and FIN 48).