Our expertise

  • Tax
  • Accounting and financial reporting services
  • Payroll services
  • Auditing services in accordance with German, French and US GAAS

Your C.P.A. and Auditor in France

In the heart of Paris, we provide a full range of services for our German and US/English clients. Even though each client has its own specific requirements and operates in different markets which throw up their own unique sets of issues and challenges, our International qualifications enable us to provide you with the necessary support to meet your domestic and international tax and reporting needs: our international qualifications, global awareness as well as local knowledge is what the h

Our experts – dedicated to providing individual service

We are dedicated to providing the highest level of individual service to our clients. Each engagement is personally monitored by a partner with proficiency in French, German and English. Your individual preferences and business goals will be a priority in determining the most efficient and suitable consulting team. We regularly undertake a partner review to ensure you’re your matters are being handled by the most appropriate team at all times. Our approach is based on close communication and collaboration with our clients to ensure the most comprehensive and cost efficient approach.

Quick and efficient: from month-to-month through to year end

We will provide you with accurate and complete monthly, quarterly and yearly financial statements on time, all the time, in accordance with all relevant accounting standards. Your employees will be paid on time, and all of your payroll filing requirements will be met efficiently and cost-effectively. If necessary, we will prepare all final (or interim) group company reports, as the case may be. Financial statements will be completed in accordance with French GAAP, IFRS or US GAAP. A US licensed C.P.A Partner will be available to assist you with any guidance and compliance questions you may have.

Legal consulting

We draw upon our network of recognized legal firms with whom we have had a long association to assist you with any legal advice and cross-border legal issues that may arise. Our network of preferred legal practitioners shares the same high quality standard of services and has extensive cross-border experience. We will coordinate and stay involved in any matters involving legal counsel. We do this to ensure that you continue to receive the highest level of service and satisfaction throughout, but also to ensure that costs are kept in check.